This Week’s News

So, he is continuing to look for a new job. Hubby assumes because he isn’t getting/doesn’t want to get his full driver’s license (we have this retarded thing here called a Graduated Drivers License Program, GDL for short) that his current company is going to fire him. The test is over $100 and you are guaranteed to fail at least once (he has tried once). Personally, I have had my GDL since 2003 and have no inclination to get my ‘real’ license.

Anyways… let’s not get into that long winded rant!


He had high hopes for a heavy duty mechanic job but it seems that one fell through (though the interview basically was saying that he was getting the job). He has now applied for a job that is within walking distance from our house! It is a pretty hefty pay cut, but without having to pay for gas to go to the city everyday, it’ll be more than worth it! Here’s hoping he gets this one!


As for me? I’ve been laid up in bed for four days now with some kind of horrible, awful stomach bug. I had a fever of 102 that just didn’t want to go down and was close to being taken to hospital, but now I am back at work. My bosses (well at least one of them) don’t seem to care and in fact think I am faking the whole thing… that’s always nice.


Mood ways? It seems hubby is starting to fall down again, but hopefully he’ll be able to land a job and things will get back on track.


I Forgot About This!

I just remembered I had this blog, I am going to (again) attempt to keep at it, in hopes that someone out there might actually be reading!


So it’s definitely been awhile! We have both changed jobs as we were both fired at about the same time just over a year ago now. It’s been a bit of a struggle but things may be looking up for us finally!

Over the past year I have settled in to a great job, doing something I actually enjoy which uses the talents and education I have (amazing right?). I have been working at a music store in Calgary for just about a year (it will be a year in 6 days), since I have started here I have moved ‘up the ladder’ a few times which is a nice change from what I am used to. I am also teaching privately (for real this time around) and have had over ten students since January.

The hubby has been working various jobs, never sticking with one for too long but that’s alright.. I have come to terms with the fact that he is never going to be ‘stable’ at anything! He has been doing the same type of job (installing security and other wiring in houses) for close to a year now I believe. I has also taking an EMR course, but has since decided that maybe he doesn’t want to do that ($1000 well spent apparently); he has an interview today to be a heavy duty mechanic and is looking into becoming a millwright, so we’ll see.

Since I was last on here… we had our 1st year anniversary, we have purchased a house (not even a month ago) and have got a new puppy to add to our family (after we got the house)! Hubby has had no huge upsets, however he did wind up in hospital due to being manic for about a week over a year ago until he convinced them that it was doing more harm then good with him being in there (money worries).



New Puppy

We still have our daily struggles and nothing is ever ‘normal’. Sometimes we fight/argue way more than any normal couple, but we just have to keep remembering that we aren’t a ‘normal’ couple!


Busy Busy

Sorry I haven’t been on in awhile. It’s been a pretty stressful time the past few weeks.

My office has been busy busy busy, which is good I guess. Richard got laid off, then found a job for two days and then was told there was no work. He has had a couple of interviews but no bites yet. After having him unemployed for two months now, we have literally no money left; we have had to increase credit cards just to pay bills. I never thought I would find myself in this position, but when you have a partner who like to live above their means, I guess that happens.

With the two day job, it put Richard back into a position of needing a 4×4 so we were out looking for vehicles and attempting to sell one of our current ones. In the process, Richard has wound up in two accidents; one left no damage but still got put through on his insurance bumping it up an outrageous $130 a month, the other was not his fault however it was a hit and run on his car, I doubt we’ll ever see the person responsible. We also decided to never go back to two car dealerships in the city ever again; one tried to sell us a horrible vehicle and the other started harassing us when we said no.

We got to hang out with my parents staff this past weekend (for their staff party), and it was a ton of fun! Just wish my own Christmas Party could have compared considering the expense my boss went to.

So, Christmas is less than a week away, and there is no snow.. to be honest it’s a bit depressing. Well, hopefully the Holiday season will go well, and quickly with no major hiccups. I guess we’ll find out.

Other than this there is really not much to report. In case I don’t get back online…


Happy Holidays Everyone!

I’m sorry it’s been so long since I’ve put a post up.

I’ll give a quick rundown of the week:

Richard ended up getting fired from his job (which I expected) but has already found a new job and started with them yesterday. He has decided to stay in his current trade just do it differently.

We decided to put up an add on Kijiji to help us meet some new people. We did get a few e-mails from a few ‘weirdos’, however we seem to have found two people who are nice and very similar to ourselves (we meet them tomorrow).

We had my staff Christmas party in Banff on the weekend, and to be perfectly honest it was pretty awful. The food at the restaurant wasn’t that amazing (especially for the price, good thing we weren’t paying), and made both of us sick. We both had planned on going to the ‘after-party’, which would have been paid for but after feeling a bit better, we both ran into the same conclusion… we aren’t clubbers and that was basically the type of place everyone went to. So, we simply went to sleep.

The hotel experience was also horrible! Not only was the hotel decor completely off-putting but the noise was beyond ridiculous. Our room was sandwiched between two extremely loud rooms, and I was woken up around 4 in the morning and stayed awake until we left immediately at 8:30. It was probably the worst weekend (that was supposed to be good), that I have ever had!

Rundown of the Week

Lied To

Richard had his procedure yesterday and I spent the day being quite ill myself. The doctor actually came to a conclusion about Richard, so now we can at least treat the problem even though it will never fully go away; we also came to the realization that he has had it his entire life.

Did you know, it’s a side effect of Valium (what he had for anaesthesia) for there to be some memory loss? Well, apparently it is, he was told this by a nurse yesterday and so far today remembers nothing.. he even asked me when I was coming home to take him for the procedure. This isn’t the best thing in the world, as he had bad memory before, I can only hope it wears off.

I also found out something else yesterday. I had his phone, and maybe I shouldn’t have looked but I ended up looking at the texts between him and his boss. Richard had originally told me that his boss had given him two weeks off and told him there was no point coming in for only a few hours; I found out differently after reading the texts. Richard had actually acted as if he was someone else and told his boss that “Richard’s doctor said he cannot come into work until after the second operation because the anaesthetic takes too long to wear off with him”.. outright lie. I was absolutely fuming and still am.

I’ve been wondering where he has been going in the mornings when he says he’s gone to work. I kind of figured something was up when he was at home (according to his texts to me) pretty much exactly when I was into my work day. It’s like he doesn’t understand that you can’t just .. not go to work because you don’t like it. I don’t think I can list ten people who like their jobs! This just puts more and more strain, at first I thought he was faking being as sick as he ‘is’, which I’m positive is somewhat true, but then I find this out.

I think one of his biggest issues is that he is Bipolar I with Borderline Traits; so many times I see the traits coming out… exaggerating things, the ‘all about me’ syndrome.. things like that.

All I know, is.. if things don’t start to change pretty quick.. that’s probably it.

Why should the ‘sick’ person get whatever they want? Does anyone else find that your needs, your wants are neglected because of the sick person?

Windy Weather

This weekend went pretty good, I think we both really enjoyed being away. unfortunately yesterday didn’t go so hot, mainly due to the weather.

Calgary was hit with extremely high winds yesterday (about 130km/h), downtown was shut down due to things being smashed into the skyrises and breaking windows amongst other things. The highway was littered with pulled over cars due to the wind throwing them from side to side and semi trucks being tossed like they were no more than a small boy’s toy trucks. I can only imagine how the vehicles in the air (airplanes, helicopters etc) were faring.

If that wasn’t bad enough, an Alberta alert interrupted our tv watching to inform us that there was an out of control wildfire near Lethbridge and people were being evacuated reminding us all of what happened to Slave Lake earlier this year.  

Good times, good times.

Richard is starting to get  a bit down, I think mainly due to the operation coming up tomorrow and all the worries that come with that.

Other than that, there actually isn’t too much to say today, so I’ll leave it for now.

In-Law Stress

Last night we went to the walk-in counselling clinic to discuss my in-laws/his parents.

What they have been doing is ripping our already tattered marriage apart. As far as I see it, they don’t agree with our marriage (for an unknown reason) and therefore do not see me as a part of their family. The are always ignoring me when I’m around, or talking down about me when I’m not around. Bad in-laws make a difficult marriage that much harder and we’ve both had enough of it.

We actually managed to get alot of things out, we both discussed different ways in which his parents are not being nice and I think just discussing it while having someone else there to keep the conversation going was very helpful. We came out of the meeting with slightly higher hopes, that we might actually be able to do something about the problem and that we would actually be united in doing so.

Well, today is going well so far. Richard has yet another interview (3rd one now) and he is now trying to stay in the same trade just going back to what he originally hated. So far he is keeping his hopes up but I’m not overly sure how long that is going to last.

Another four hours of work and then we leave for our ‘mini vacation’ at my parents’ house, hopefully it will be worth it.